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VIIcode, a high-end skin care brand under VII Group, the top luxury skin care custom brand in New York, USA, has a skin care history of 200 years and has a zero-error skin management system.

It is the only coded custom skin care product in the world. Its main ingredients are known as— - "Myth of Immortality"


The luxury of VIIcode not only stems from the  history, but also from the safety of customers.

Compared with other luxury skin care brands, VIIcode's product line is relatively specific, focusing only on eye skin care products.

As becoming personalization and specialization VIIcode are getting favored by consumers.


The VIIcode’s pharmacists and skin experts perfectly combine safe skin care with VIIcode's core concept - "Oxygen skin care". The eye area skin care products under VIIcode itself do not contain oxygen.

It extracts the active oxygen plant essence from the rare plant vadaniya on the hillside at an altitude of 1800 meters in the Alps,it helps stimulates the cell information memory, and provides the oxygen and energy demand by the cells ,therefore, the skin can breathe freely in the natural state, so as to maintain health and vitality.